Hi, we are RLINK

Your Partner In Virtual World

Who we are

RLINK BUSINESS SOLUTIONS INC. in its 10 years of committed service has evolved into an integrated result driven company. It provides a wide range of services that composed of a seasoned management team with different specific and comprehensive field of expertise that is dedicated, dynamic, innovative professionals abreast with the fast-changing technology.

What we do

Started its operations in November 2010, it was formerly known as INTELINK BUSINESS SOLUTIONS CORP. which was established to engage into Marketing and Distributions of Information Technology (IT) Products, Export, Import of computer and engineering equipments. We supply, do business development and partnership of different IT and Engineering Companies in the Philippines and other Asian Countries.

How we work

Our people sincerely love what they do, and with that passion RLINK team members, achieve great things and able to meet your expectations.


Sharing sessions and code reviews means all RLINK members are well aligned. We share ideas, we brainstorm, we achieve - together


We are fully devoted to the project. The balance between enjoying what we do and taking the responsibility to do it in the most proficient way


We really want to be your extended team, you can be sure that each of RLINK team members is one phone call, messenger or email away


Our team follows agile management which has proven to give great results. It helps us all be flexible for your requirements and have the software delivered in iterative steps


We create demos to show progress and successfully implemented features, using real or test data. A mockup is an essential part of the process before going forward into production


Testing and validation process is always part of the development. From Proof of Concept (POC) to deployment, until we deliver your needs.

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